Plastic  Trading  internationaL inc.

"Bringing the international success with Domestic Integrity"
​- Brian Brandt

Trim/Flex board

Trim board in various sizes. Flex board, an innovative product available here. 

H   Stakes

We have everything you need includingStakes for your advertising requirements.

Fluted PP

A stunning new addition to the fluted pp world. Bright white, opaque design, rigid structure. 


 Aluminum Composite Panel. The most creative of the plastics in the industry. Multi-uses and beautiful finish. Available also in colors.


The clearest in PMMA stock sheets. We supply both extruded and cast acrylic. Colors, textures, and impact modified. 

Foam Pvc

The most innovative foam pvc. Strong density expanded foam, rigid and ready for digital printing or structural applications. Colors available.


The strongest in polycarbonate supply. Multi-wall and solid sheet available. IR Coatings and UV co-extruded material available. 


Acrylic Mirror, stocked in house for your convenience. Standard and new colors.