Fluted PP

A stunning new addition to the fluted pp world. Bright white, opaque design, rigid structure. 


The clearest in PMMA stock sheets. We supply both extruded and cast acrylic. Colors, textures, impact modified and mirrored acrylic  


The strongest in polycarbonate supply. Multiwall and solid sheet available. IR Coatings and UV co-extrududed material avalable. 

Foam Pvc

The most innovative foam pvc. Strong density expanded foam, rigid and ready for digital printing or structural appliations. Colors avalable.


The most capable thin gauge material. PC (Polycarbonate), APET (Amorphus Polyethylne Terephthalate), PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol), GAG and more

"Bringing the international success with Domestic Integrity"
​- Brian Brandt